November 29, 2011

NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

#12 Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers

1. Green Bay Packers  

Analysis: Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback on the planet right now, and this team looks like their on pace to finish the regular season unbeaten. Their defense is a little suspect, but no question Green Bay is the best team in the NFL.

Season Record: 11-0

2. Baltimore Ravens  

Analysis: Baltimore has beaten Pittsburgh twice, the Bengals once, and gave the 49ers their second loss. It may be safe to say they are the best team in the AFC, though they must remain consistent.

Season Record: 8-3

3. New Orleans Saints  

Analysis: New Orleans is on a roll right now, and looks like the second best team in the NFL. Drew Brees is on pace to break Dan Marino's single season yardage record, and the defense continues to force TOs.

Season Record: 8-3

4. San Francisco 49ers  

Analysis: Alex Smith is managing games well, Frank Gore is running the ball well, and the defense is dominating; But there is no way the offensive line should be giving up 9 sacks in a game.

Season Record: 9-2

5. Pittsburgh Steelers  

Analysis: The defense showed its age earlier this season, but seems to be playing much better, not to mention Big Ben is having a solid season.

Season Record: 8-3

6. New England Patriots  

Analysis: Moving forwards, all of the injuries on defense concern me, but as long as they have #12, their in good shape.

Season Record: 8-3

7. Houston Texans  

Analysis: No Matt Schaub, no Matt Leinart, no problem. T.J. Yates is perfectly capable of managing this great offense, and their defense is ranked in the top five.

Season Record: 8-3

8. Dallas Cowboys  

Analysis: Dallas has the talent, all they need to do is be more consistent. They've won four straight, and five of their last six. Their in control of the NFC East.

Season Record: 7-4

9. Oakland Raiders  

Analysis: Even without McFadden, Carson Palmer, Michael Bush and their talented young receivers are carrying the offense. Oakland could win the AFC West.

Season Record: 7-4

10. Atlanta Falcons  

Analysis: Atlanta is running the ball! Which is exactly what they need to get the best out of this offense.

Season Record: 7-4

11. Cincinnati Bengals  

Analysis: Coming off a division win, the Bengals need to beat Pittsburgh and Baltimore to prove they are legit contenders. They currently have the 6th seed.

Season Record: 7-4

12. Detroit Lions  

Analysis: It starting to get ugly in Detroit. Injuries have plagued them, Ndamukong Suh has lost his mind, and where is Megatron?

Season Record: 7-4

13. Chicago Bears  

Analysis: I don't expect a repeat performance out of Caleb Hanie. They have a winnable game coming up against the Chiefs, which is good news for the Bears.

Season Record: 7-4

14. New York Giants  

Analysis: After getting blown out on Monday Night, the G-Men must play the Packers. They also get Dallas twice. Good luck!

Season Record: 6-5

15. New York Jets  

Analysis: The Jets are too good to be 6-5. As long as Mark Sanchez plays well, this team has a shot.

Season Record: 6-5

16. Tennessee Titans  

Analysis: Chris Johnson is back to his old self, and the O-Line has to be credited. Matt Hasselbeck has to take better care of the ball, but the Titans have an outside shot at winning their division.

Season Record: 6-5

17. Denver Broncos  

Analysis: The Tebow Way has gotten Denver in a position to make a playoff push, not to mention the defense is playing great right now.

Season Record: 6-5

18. Philadelphia Eagles  

Analysis: I've never seen a more talented 4-7 team. In this case, that isn't good as their record indicates.

Season Record: 4-7

19. San Diego Chargers  

Analysis: The Chargers have a top five quarterback, a solid running game, an outsanding wide out, a future HOF Tight End, and a pretty good defense... why are they 4-7?

Season Record: 4-7

20. Buffalo Bills  

Analysis: This team is falling apart. Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming off of a nice performance against the Jets, but Steve Johnson... well let's just say he needs to make up for not showing up down the stretch.

Season Record: 5-6

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

Analysis: Josh Freeman seems to have regressed, and LeGarrette Blount appears to be the only bright spot this season.

Season Record: 4-7

22. Kansas City Chiefs  

Analysis: Kansas City defines inconsistent. Looking forward, they may have to pull the trigger on Kyle Orton if they hope to compete in the AFC West.

Season Record: 4-7

23. Washington Redskins  

Analysis: Their offense hasn't been exciting to watch this season, but their defense has kept them in games.

Season Record: 4-7

24. Seattle Seahawks  

Analysis: I'm surprised Seattle has four wins on the year. They have a tough Thursday night match-up with the Eagles, and a win could give them some momentum going forward.

Season Record: 4-7

25. Miami Dolphins  

Analysis: Miami almost got their fourth straight win against Dallas, but it's obvious this team is playing hard for their Head Coach.

Season Record: 3-8

26. Arizona Cardinals  

Analysis: Arizona has been winning with John Skelton. Maybe that means they have a solid team in place. Although, rookie Patrick Peterson is responsible for some of those wins.

Season Record: 4-7

27. Carolina Panthers  

Analysis: Ron Rivera has this team going in the right direction. Cam Newton is the reason for their success.

Season Record: 3-8

28. Cleveland Browns  

Analysis: Cleveland's offense in inept at scoring, and they need to surround quarterback Colt McCoy with some talent.

Season Record: 4-7

29. Minnesota Vikings  

Analysis: Christian Ponder has shown promise, but the Vikings as a whole haven't.

Season Record: 2-9

30. Jacksonville Jaguars  

Analysis: Blaine Gabbert hasn't made any progress, and their isn't a ton of talent on this team. Plus, Head Coach Jack Del Rio is out.

Season Record: 3-8

31. St. Louis Rams  

Analysis: St. Louis was my preseason pick to win the NFC West, but they have been nothing but disappointing.

Season Record: 2-9

32. Indianapolis Colts  

Analysis: The only positive thing I can say here is that the Colts are the frontrunners in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

Season Record: 0-11