July 7, 2012

Miami's Fantastic Four

#20 Ray Allen, SG, Heat

With Ray Allen joining the NBA Champions, this makes the Miami Heat clear cut favorites to win the Larry O'Brien trophy and repeat as NBA Champions. Ray Allen, gives the Heat a deadly threat from beyond the arc, even though he is in the back half of his career he still has a great stroke.

The real question is, how will Miami use Ray Allen? Will he start? Will he come off the bench? We all know Lebron, Wade and Bosh will start, but who will start and point and who will be the other forward/center?

One thing that we can guarantee is that the Heat's Points Per Game will improve. I am willing to bet that Ray Allen will be able to put up around 14 points a game. Expect the Heat's average to climb 5 to 10 points a game, depending on how the rest this off-season goes.

Now that Ray Allen is with the Heat, I am willing to say this is the most well assembled team NBA history. In 15 years from now I'm going to be telling my kids how great the Heat were, and how Pat Riley was able to bring 2 superstars and a star into Miami. This is going to be a dynasty, as this team has the potential to be better than the Bulls in the 90's. I would not be surprised if by the end of this Era in basketball, we will be calling the Heat "The best team ever assembled."

Part of this is because there is virtually no top competitor other than Miami in the East. The Celtics couldn't beat Miami with Allen, what makes you think they can without him? Chicago may have the best chance at taking down the Heat, but with Derrick Rose needing a second surgery on his right knee, this makes the Bulls look like another team that will go down to the Heat. The only competition for the Heat is in the West. The Thunder and Lakers have the best chance at taking the Heat down but neither team has the players that can keep up with the Heat's Fantastic Four.