October 29, 2012

College Football Rankings: Week 10

#10 A.J. McCarron, QB, Alabama

 1. Alabama Crimson Tide
Conference: SEC | Season Record: 8-0

Analysis: Mississippi State is a very good football team, and Alabama dominated them. The consensus #1 team in the country takes on LSU this week.

Last Game: 38-7 Win vs. Tennessee | Last Week Rank: #1

 2. Kansas State Wildcats
Conference: Big 12 | Season Record: 8-0

Analysis: Back-to-back blowout wins over ranked conference opponents has put the BCS on notice. Ranked #2 in the poll, Kansas State looks the part.

Last Game: 55-24 Win vs. Texas Tech | Last Week Rank: #4

 3. Oregon Ducks
Conference: Pac-12 | Season Record: 8-0

Analysis: Oregon destroyed Colorado on Saturday. For some reason, they keep dropping a spot every week in the BCS Rankings, but hopefully a wins against USC and Oregon state later this year will help their case.

Last Game: 70-14 Win vs. Colorado | Last Week Rank: #3

 4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Conference: Independent | Season Record: 8-0

Analysis: After struggling against BYU, the Fighting Irish dominated a very talented Oklahoma team. Ladies and gentlemen, Notre Dame football is back!

Last Game: 30-13 Win at Oklahoma | Last Week Rank: #5

 5. Ohio State Buckeyes
Conference: Big Ten | Season Record: 9-0

Analysis: They can't be ranked in the BCS, but Ohio State continues to get signature conference wins, and they have the best record in college football.

Last Game: 35-23 Win at Penn State | Last Week Rank: NR

 6. Georgia Bulldogs
Conference: SEC | Season Record: 7-1

Analysis: Georgia knocked off #2 Florida this past Saturday, and have moved up six spots from last week's ranking.

Last Game: 17-9 Win vs. Florida | Last Week Rank: #13

 7. Florida Gators
Conference: SEC | Season Record: 7-1

Analysis: Florida is ahead of LSU because of their head-to-head win, and behind Georgia because of their head-to-head loss. They still have National Championship aspirations.

Last Game: 9-17 Loss at Georgia | Last Week Rank: #2

 8. Louisiana State Tigers
Conference: SEC | Season Record: 7-1

Analysis: LSU is ahead of Florida in the BCS despite losing to them. I fixed that in these rankings, but they are still a solid top 10 team who could be #1 if they knock of Alabama this week.

Last Game: 24-19 Win over Texas A&M | Last Week Rank: #9

 9. Florida State Seminoles
Conference: ACC | Season Record: 8-1

Analysis: Duke is a good team, but they obviously were not in Florida State's class. They are a very talented team who still has an outside shot at the BCS.

Last Game: 48-7 Win vs. Duke | Last Week Rank: #12

 10. Clemson Tigers
Conference: ACC | Season Record: 7-1

Analysis: Clemson put on a show Thursday night with all of their offensive talent. They should be headed for a BCS bowl.

Last Game: 42-13 Win at Wake Forest | Last Week Rank: #14

 11. Mississippi State Bulldogs
Conference: SEC | Season Record: 7-1

Analysis: Even after getting beat down by Alabama, Mississippi State is still a damn good football team who will look to rebound this week against A&M.

Last Game: 7-38 Loss at Alabama | Last Week Rank: #7

 12. Louisville Cardinals
Conference: Big East | Season Record: 8-0

Analysis: Rutgers losing helped them out, but ultimately, Louisville helped itself out by getting a big win in prime time against the Bearcats.

Last Game: 34-31 Win vs. Cincinnati | Last Week Rank: #17

 13. Oregon State Beavers
Conference: Pac-12 | Season Record: 6-1

Analysis: After losing their first game on the road at Washington, Oregon State is still a solid top 15 team right now.

Last Game: 17-20 Loss at Washington | Last Week Rank: #8

 14. South Carolina Gamecocks
Conference: SEC | Season Record: 7-2

Analysis: They escaped against Tennessee, and now they'll have to finish the season without Marcus Lattimore. Without him, are they a top 15 team?

Last Game: 38-35 Win vs. Tennessee | Last Week Rank: #18

 15. Oklahoma Sooners
Conference: Big 12 | Season Record: 5-2

Analysis: This was a chance for Oklahoma to move up on a big time stage, and they folded. Yes, they are a very talented team, but probably not BCS worthy.

Last Game: 13-30 Loss vs. Notre Dame | Last Week Rank: #10

 16. Texas A&M Aggies
Conference: SEC | Season Record: 6-2

Analysis: I was high on Texas A&M in the preseason, and Kevin Sumlin has this team in a pretty good position. Destroying Auburn may not have the same meaning, but they are an impressive 2 loss team.

Last Game: 63-21 Win at Auburn | Last Week Rank: #20

 17. Stanford Cardinal
Conference: Pac-12 | Season Record: 6-2

Analysis: Stanford got a 7 point conference home win. They might not win the Pac-12, but they'll be in the mix for sure.

Last Game: 24-17 Win vs. Washington State | Last Week Rank: #19

 18. Southern California Trojans
Conference: Pac-12 | Season Record: 6-2

Analysis: I picked USC to win the National Championship in the preseason, but they likely won't make it there. Losing to Arizona just might do it for them.

Last Game: 36-39 Loss at Arizona | Last Week Rank: #11

 19. Texas Tech Red Raiders
Conference: Big 12 | Season Record: 6-2

Analysis: Tech got embarrassed by the #2 team in the country on the road. However, they don't fall too much, as they have some impressive wins on their resume.

Last Game: 24-55 Loss at Kansas State | Last Week Rank: #15

 20. Boise State Broncos
Conference: Mountain West | Season Record: 7-1

Analysis: This isn't a Boise State team that's going to blow everyone out. However, they are a very good football team, and should not lose the rest of the season.

Last Game: 45-14 Win at Wyoming | Last Week Rank: #21

 21. Nebraska Cornhuskers
Conference: Big Ten | Season Record: 6-2

Analysis: Nebraska reappears as a ranked team after a solid win against a tough Michigan team.

Last Game: 23-9 Win vs. Michigan | Last Week Rank: NR

 22. West Virginia Mountaineers
Conference: Big 12 | Season Record: 5-2

Analysis: West Virginia needs to win against TCU, badly. They've been blown out the past two contests, so they must rebound.

Last Game: 14-55 Loss vs. Kansas State | Last Week Rank: NR

 23. Texas Longhorns
Conference: Big 12 | Season Record: 6-2

Analysis: They struggled against Kansas, but a win is a win, and that's what they got on the road.

Last Game: 21-17 Win at Kansas | Last Week Rank: #25

 24. Oklahoma State Cowboys
Conference: Big 12 | Season Record: 5-2

Analysis: An impressive win against TCU has the Cowboys amongst the top 25 teams. They are just as explosive this year on offense.

Last Game: 36-14 Win vs. Texas Christian | Last Week Rank: NR

 25. Louisiana Tech Bulldogs
Conference: WAC | Season Record: 7-1

Analysis: LA Tech continues to get it done, and could finish in the top 25 by season's end.

Last Game: 28-14 Win at New Mexico State | Last Week Rank: #24