August 4, 2012

NBA Legends All-Stars: Fourth Team

#34 Shaquille O'Neal, C, Los Angeles Lakers

Here is something I've wanted to do for a long time now, assemble the greatest starting 5 ever with some of the greatest players to ever lace 'em up. Here is my fourth team.

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Point Guard:
Isiah Thomas
6-1, 180 lbs.
Retirement Age: 33 | Experience: 13 Years

Analysis: You can definitely make a case for Isiah Thomas being the second best point guard of all-time, and he is definitely a top 25 player.

Leading the "Bad Boy" Pistons to back-to-back titles in '89 and '90, Thomas was an excellent play maker, and he was very productive in general. He came up big in big games, and was a very good and reliable scorer as well.

Shooting Guard:
Clyde Drexler
6-7, 210 lbs.
Retirement Age: 36 | Experience: 15 Years

Analysis: Drexler is the best player in Portland Trail Blazers history. He is also considered one of the best shooting guards in NBA History.

A career 20 point scorer, Drexler was a complete guard as he could make great plays, defend, score, etc. He was a very good all-around player, not to mention an excellent dunker.

Small Forward:
Julius Erving
6-6, 200 lbs.
Retirement Age: 37 | Experience: 11 Years

Analysis: "Dr. J." was the man. Period. He didn't have a ton of personal accolades, but he was a heck of a basketball player.

He's well known for his leaping ability and his athleticism, but he was an excellent all-around player. Julius Erving put up some impressive numbers, especially if you count his ABA stats.

Power Forward:
Charles Barkley
6-6, 252 lbs.
Retirement Age: 37 | Experience: 16 Years

Analysis: "Sir Charles" Barkley is another great player without a ring. He was an undersized power forward, who was great in the low post and was a pretty versatile scorer, as wwll as an impressive rebounder for a player of his height.

Forget all about the off the court stuff and the fact that he never won a ring, and you possibly have a top 15, maybe even a top 10 player.

Shaquille O'Neal
7-1, 325 lbs.
Retirement Age: 39 | Experience: 19 Years

Analysis: Shaq should definitely be considered a top 10 player of all time. He is arguably the most dominant big man ever, with his imposing size and physical presence in the paint.

In his prime, no one was a dominant as Shaq, and once he signed with the Lakers, led them to three consecutive championships. While dominant in the regular season, the post-season is where Shaq elevated his game, and simply could not be stopped.

He did have two weaknesses however, free throws, and himself. He didn't prove to be reliable at all at the foul line, and never really tried to get better. Plus, he could've been even more dominant had he tried to condition himself better and work harder.

Even thought he could've been even better, Shaq is still one of the top 10-12 players of all-time, and one of the most dominant big men to ever play in the NBA.