May 14, 2014

2014 NFL Draft Review: San Diego Chargers

#2 Jason Verrett, CB, Texas Christian

San Diego Chargers
Division: AFC West | Last Season Record: 9-7

What Needed to be addressed in the Draft: They needed to come away with at least one cornerback early in the draft, but no one would have blamed them for coming away with two. Also, they should have targeted an edge rusher pretty early as well, and gotten better on the defensive line.

If they could have come away with a starting guard and added another receiver on offense, then I would consider their draft a successful one.

Individual Draft Picks:

Round 1

25. (25) Jason Verrett, CB
Experience: Senior (RS) | School: Texas Christian
Height: 5-10 | Weight: 186 lbs.

Round 2

18. (50) Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB
Experience: Senior | School: Georgia Tech
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 249 lbs.

Round 3

25. (89) Chris Watt, OG
Experience: Senior (RS) | School: Notre Dame
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 313 lbs.

Round 5

25. (165) Ryan Carrethers, NT
Experience: Senior | School: Arkansas State
Height: 6-2 | Weight: 333 lbs.

Round 6

25. (201) Marion Grice, RB
Experience: Senior | School: Arizona State
Height: 6-1 | Weight: 208 lbs.

Round 7

25. (240) Tevin Reese, WR
Experience: Senior (RS) | School: Baylor
Height: 5-10 | Weight: 172 lbs.

Two Picks of Note:

Best Value Pick:

Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB (Round 2, Pick 18)
Experience: Senior | School: Georgia Tech
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 249 lbs.

Analysis: Attaochu had a chance to sneak into the first round, so I commend the Chargers for moving up 7 spots and getting an explosive pass rusher who can come off the edge and produce in his rookie season.

Most Questionable Pick:

Chris Watt, OG (Round 3, Pick 25)
Experience: Senior (RS) | School: Notre Dame
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 313 lbs.

Analysis: The 3rd round was probably a round too early for Watt to come off the board, but I like him. There weren't too many day one starting guards in this draft, but I believe Watt is one of them.

Undrafted Free Agent Signings:

Most Notable

Chris Davis, CB
Experience: Senior | School: Auburn
Height: 5-10 | Weight: 203 lbs.

Analysis: Chris Davis is an athletic corner who could develop into a quality starter, so I love this pickup for the Bolts. I gave Davis a 5th round grade.

Other Free Agent Signings

Alden Darby, S, Arizona State
Tenny Palepoi, DT, Utah
Colton Underwood, DE, Illinois State
DJ Adams, RB, Portland State
Mike Flacco, TE, New Haven
Torrence Allen, WR, West Texas A&M
Brelon Chancellor, WR, North Texas
Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, DL, Boise State
Greg Ducre, CB, Washington
Micah Hatfield, WR, Oregon State
Javontee Herndon, WR, Arkansas
DJ Johnson, OG, New Mexico
Alvin Scioneaux, LB, Wofford
Jeremiah Sirles, OT, Nebraska
Chase Tenpenny, P, Nevada
Ian White, OT, Boston College
Dayonne Nunley, CB, Miami (Ohio)
Micah Hatfield, WR, Oregon State
Craig Watts, OG, West Texas A&M

Draft Review:

Analysis: Jason Verrett is undersized, but he may have been a top 10 pick if he were 3 inches taller. Even if he's limited to the slot, he's going to be a very good NFL corner.

I mentioned that I loved the pick of Attaochu. The value was good, and he gives the Chargers an explosive speed rusher coming off the edge, and 3rd round pick Chris Watt solidifies one of the guard spots.

5th round pick Ryan Carrethers gives San Diego much needed size on the defensive line, and should be a two down run-stuffer who likely beats out Kwame Geathers as the starting nose tackle.

Marion Grice was a good value pick in round six, and could be a very good third down back due to his receiving ability, and 7th rounder Tevin Reese gives them more speed at the receiver position.

The Verdict: The Chargers had just six picks, but filled all of their needs and didn't make any head-scratching picks. They may not have taken a lot of risks, but I commend GM Tom Telesco and the Bolts for having a great draft for the second straight year.

Overall Grade: B+